Pointe Shoe Fittings

Whether you are coming in for your first pair of pointe shoes, or you’ve been dancing en pointe for years, Encore has the inventory and experience to help you find the perfect fit.

Fitting Policy

It is Encore’s policy to only fit pointe shoes on students who have been approved by their instructor to begin pointe work. When a dancer decides to dance en pointe they accept the risks inherent to this style of dance. Following the advice of a trained pointe instructor is important in minimizing these risks.

What to Expect

Whether you are scheduled for a one-on-one fitting or as part of a group, your fitting will be uniquely yours. Feel free to wear your convertible tights, and bring along any padding you prefer (or is recommended by your instructor). If you don’t have these, don’t worry! We have a wide variety in stock. If you are an experienced dancers, bring your old pair of pointe shoes with you, and let us know of any concerns or problems you’ve been experiencing with them. A fitting is a great time to work though problems you’ve faced with previous pairs of shoes.

Schedule a fitting

Please call (541-647-2488) or e-mail us (info@encoredancesupply.com) to schedule your fitting. Walk-in fittings are often available, but scheduling your fitting ensures our availability. Encore charges a $35 fee for pointe shoe fittings, which is applied to your shoe purchase. This policy is necessary due to on-line competition, which simply cannot offer you the same kind of service. A first time fitting can take up to an hour, as the dancer becomes familiar with the strange new feeling of wearing a hard shoe, and the differences between shoe styles. More experienced dancers take less time, but often enjoy trying new shoes or pads – plan to take your time.

First Time Pointe Students

Please find out from your teacher if they have preferences regarding the padding you use in your shoes, or how your ribbons and elastics are sewn on. Some instructors like to perform their own fit-check on newer students’ shoes. This means that before you add ribbons and elastics, they want to see your foot in the shoe. If this is the case with your instructor, you will need to take care that the shoes remain in returnable condition (see return policy) until after your teacher has given you their approval of the shoe fit. Please come to your fitting prepared with this information.

Loyalty Program

We love that you have chosen to shop locally! Buying products from local shops ensures that your community will continue to have convenient access to shoes and clothes that you can actually try on before you buy! Because we know that you have other choices, we want to thank you for choosing Encore!

Ask about our loyalty programs for tights, pointe shoes, and leotards, and get awesome perks for buying locally!

Group Fittings

When a group of dancers is advancing to pointe work at the same time, it’s time to celebrate! Encore offers after-hour group fittings so you can come in, kick off your shoes, and enjoy this special time with your friends! Schedule your group fitting for the same time that your class usually meets, and bring your teacher! Many teachers like to evaluate the fit of their students first pair of pointe shoes, and with a local shop, this can now be done all at the same time! By fitting as a group, Encore can ensure that everyone has a chance to be fitted in our full selection of styles and sizes. We will even bring the snacks!

Common Questions:

How much do pointe shoes cost?

We hear this question most often from the parents of new pointe students, and we can give you a ballpark estimate to help you avoid sticker shock. Shoes vary in price, so do ribbons, elastic, and padding – these are all sold separately so dancers can customize their shoe set-up. Be prepared that a new student will typically need to purchase shoes, pads, ribbons, elastic, and even new tights. After that first pair, students often need only the shoes, ribbons, and elastic – and some advanced dancers who go through shoes regularly, even re-use ribbons and elastic! Some of this cost will depend on the instructor’s recommendations for foot preparation, but most of the cost is determined by the combination of padding and correctly fit shoe, that emerges from the fitting session. Just consider that you wouldn’t select a less expensive shoe if it doesn’t fit the dancer properly. Shoes and pads are selected by fit, not price.

How often should I schedule a fitting?

You should schedule a pointe shoe fitting in the following cases:

  • If this will be one of your first 3-5 pairs of pointe shoes
  • If your current shoes are uncomfortable
  • If your shoe size has changed since your last fitting
  • If you are interested in trying a new style of shoe

Many dancers prefer to be fitted every time they buy new pointe shoes. With the luxury of having a local shop, why not? This ensures that you have the option of trying any new styles, or even confirm that you still love the shoe you’ve been dancing in for years!

What if I know exactly what shoe/size I need?

We certainly appreciate dancers who know what they want! Encore (and most teachers) strongly recommends that you try on a pair of pointe shoes before you purchase them. These shoes are handmade, and can vary slightly from one pair to the next. Buying your shoes from a shop is the best way to ensure your shoes and pads give you the best fit – and the best way to participate in Encore’s loyalty program! Feel free to call ahead so your shoes are ready when you walk in – we can hold pointe shoes for up to 24 hours.

How do I know if I need new pointe shoes?

Generally speaking, a pair of pointe shoes will last for approximately 18 hours of wear, with proper technique and shoe care. Here are some of the signs that indicate your shoes are ready for repair or replacement:

  • Your street shoe size has changed
  • Your toes are cramped, crossing, or bent in the box when standing flat
  • The shank is broken
  • The box has become soft
  • The platform has become rounded or soft
  • The pair you have now is just uncomfortable or “not working” for you anymore